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Phase II memorial construction is now done.  “It’s awesome, inspiring, and …”   If you have not stopped by to visit yet, you are missing an opportunity to reconnect with your emotions, memories, and hope for the future.  The  memorial is designed as a place to reflect in a park setting.   You may even find that your visit to the historic Homestead site will be very special.  The silence, gentle breeze, and distant sounds of visitors to the nearby Seymour and Orange County Human Resources Centers will tug at your heart.  Take a break, stay awhile.

Maybe you will recollect family memories, stories, and experience both joy and sadness.  Everyone sees and embraces their moment differently.  Take a journal or note paper with you or just use the recorder on your cell phone to collect your thoughts.   Uncle Bob, Aunt Doris, cousins, or the grandfather you never met may visit with you.  You’ll want to remember how you felt.

We encourage you to share your feelings with your family…especially those living far away.  It might be the right moment to make that telephone call you have been meaning to make.  Just say, “Hello.”  You’ll know what to say, you have it in your heart.

And, if you are inclined, you just may decide to order a brick paver to memorialize a friend or family member.  Orders placed now have a good chance of being placed before Veterans Day.    Pavers are ordered twice a year with the goal of placing them in time for Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

Be among the few who will have family members honored with a brick paver in the flagpole area.

We are located at:   2501 Homestead Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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This site will remain for now as our historical site.

Watch our short video below for information on our memorial.

 We are now accepting brick paver memorial orders!

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The Orange County Veterans Memorial at Chapel Hill

Memorial entrance

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Our Story

We have come a long way since we joined with Orange County to build a veterans memorial that honors the men and women who have served us in the service of their county.

There have been a lot of hurdles to pass since the original concept and design for a memorial.  We started fundraising in on Veterans Day 2015 and concurrently went to work on a concept design for the Homestead Site.  That design was presented to Orange County Commissioners on September 20th, 2016.  The commissioners and area veterans toured the site and received a presentation on the design as the commissioners looked out over the site.

Our landscape design architect, David Swanson, explained that photographs were taken of the site to capture the existing historic homestead trees and then overlaid with drawings of the proposed memorial.  This let everyone understand better the retained beauty of the Homestead Site.  The final concept design plan was then presently formally at the Orange County Commissioners Meeting and accepted.  Now the project is fully in motion and the committee can formalize project development, site dedication, fundraising, and eventually ground breaking.  The site was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 2016, at 11 a.m.  The site construction began with groundbreaking on Memorial Day 2017 and we are finalizing construction plans for Phase I – Flag Plaza dedication for Memorial Day 2018.

How can you help?  Share the story of the Orange County Veterans Memorial with your family, friends, co-workers, business partners and others.  Tell them that this memorial will be possible because of their efforts.  This is their story, your story… it is the story of the thousands of Orange County Veterans who have defended our country since Colonial Days.

Be it a dime from a child or thousands of dollars from a business, individual, trust, group, or civic organization, all donations count.  Consider sponsoring or hosting a fundraising project at a school, church, or group.  If you want to remember, recognize, or salute the thousands of men and women who have served their Country and Orange County, this is how you can do it.

North Carolina was first in freedom on May 20, 1775, and North Carolinians have served around the world since then.  Make a donation

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