The Orange County Veterans Memorial at Chapel Hill is now accepting donations.

It will take a lot of work to raise funds for this community project. We want to make it a true gift of the people and community of Orange County to our veterans.

Want to make a donation on-line?   All donations are made through the Orange County Community Giving Fund (a fund of Orange County for Community Purposes.  See IRS Publication 526), and are fully tax deductible.  The fund will designate your donation to VETERANS MEMORIAL  when you select our memorial in the drop-down menu.  There is a registration process for on-line donations.  This process ensures your information is protected and that you will receive an acknowledgement from the Orange County Community Giving Fund.  You can donate on-line by credit card.

To start, just click on the green button that follows and click on the Register Now link under “Are you a new user?


For corporate, estate, memorial, or other large donation where you need to contribute via the 501(c)(3) portal, you may send your check to the Orange County Community Giving Fund.  Please be sure to indicate you desires and that your check is made out to  Orange County Community Giving Fund.  Notate in memo field: Orange County Veterans Memorial.  Provide this address to your bank or attorney:  Orange County Community Giving Fund, Attn: Veterans Memorial, Financial Services, PO Box 8181, Hillsborough, NC  27278

Memorial Donations

Donations are accepted by the Orange County Veterans Memorial for the benefit of and funding of construction of the Orange County Veterans Memorial.  You may send your check to the Memorial Committee directly.  Send your donation to:

  •           Orange County Veterans Memorial, Inc.
  •           169 Boone Square St., #223
  •           Hillsborough, NC  27278

Memorial Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are now available and will be on display around the finished flagpole plaza.


Large and group donations

Think about how you, as a veteran, private citizen, or corporation, can support our mission. Please consider:

  • A corporate sponsorship
  • Memorial gift to recognize a family member, friend, or employee
  • An endowment
  • A funeral memorial gift to honor someone in lieu of flowers
  • Donating Real Property, stocks, and bonds
  • A cash donation
  • A community service organization fundraiser to benefit the proposed memorial.

Most efforts by groups and organizations take time to organize and develop. Now is the time to bring the question up at your next meeting.

Tax information on donations.  The Community Giving Fund is intended to be an encompassing fund for Orange County government, so donations can be given to any department or County-sponsored activity through this fund, which is managed by Orange County and SunTrust Bank.  All gifts will be tax deductible and used for the purpose for which they are given and acknowledged as such.  Additionally, this fund is a framework for receiving a variety of donations, whether it be cash, stocks, bonds, or real property.


Have questions on a process, procedure, or tax deductibility? Contact our Secretary, Lee Heavlin, at or call 919-260-6571.