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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the proposed memorial honor only Orange County residents? No. The memorial honors all veterans. Our County recognizes the contributions of the many people who have lived, worked in, visited, or studied in Orange County. See some examples of prominent contributors.

Does the name of the memorial have special significance? Yes. It reflects the belief that we honor all veterans.

Is a veteran someone who is part of the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars? That is a tricky question to answer. Both groups, and many other war veterans groups, have “veterans” at members, but not all veterans are members of either group.

How do you define a veteran? A veteran is someone who has served their country in uniform on active duty as a member of the armed forces. Learn more

Is there a Federal definition of a veteran? Yes. Under Federal Law a VETERAN is any person, who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. (Discharges marked General and Under Honorable Conditions also qualify.)  If you need help with a veteran issue, please be sure to contact the Orange County Veterans Services Officer, Betsy Corbett.

How with the proposed memorial be funded. The memorial is a gift of the citizens and friends of Orange County. Individual gifts will make up the bulk of funding.

Can businesses and other groups made a donation to fund construction and maintenance of the new memorial?  Yes