Who Are Veterans?

We are local folks just like you. Most are veterans, some may be just local citizens who care about the history of our contributions to support and defend this great country.

There are myths about veterans. By “myth” we refer to the difference between a citizen’s understanding of what a veteran is and what they are. We are hybrids of everyday citizens. We started just like any other kid on the block. The only difference is that we were called to serve or post-Vietnam, had a calling to serve.

We accomplished things far beyond our expectations. We were tested and challenged to operate specialized equipment, fly aircraft, shoot weapons of great and small size, tend to the wounded, protect our enemy post-conflict, give flood and disaster assistance, and many, many other things. Then, at the end of our service, be it two years or 35 years, we returned to our homes and took on new roles. We are now fireman, police officers, educators, scientists, doctors, cabinetmakers, carpenters, town councilmen, painters, farmers, rodeo greats, senators, congressmen, fast car drivers, students, and, above all, your neighbors. Oh, that’s just to name a few of our new callings. The list is endless and far too long to put on this web page.

We are, above all, just like you. We just got to where we are after a break from our communities to serve our Nation and our neighbors. Take a minute or two to watch this video, I Fought for You.. It says it all…